Rates & Charges


Meter Tap Fee (¾” Meter) is $1,250.00 + Deposit, Membership Fee, and Check Valve.

All new taps require a Deposit and must remain on for 12 months.

We also offer larger meters depending on the volume of water needed. We have 1” and larger meters that will be priced at the actual cost of installation.


Residential          $  72.00

Agricultural         $137.00

Commercial        $  72.50


The following rates and charges are prescribed for the customers in the area served by Fleming County Water Association. These rates were approved by order of the Kentucky Public Service Commission in Case No. 2019-00033 dated February 1, 2019.

First 2,000 gallons                                                 $18.70 Minimum Bill

Next 8,000 gallons                                                 $ 6.95 per 1,000 gallons

Next 40,000 gallons                                              $ 5.50 per 1,000 gallons

Next 50,000 gallons                                              $ 4.30 per 1,000 gallons


Broken Lock Fee                                                                             $50.00

Connection / Turn on Charge                                                     $40.00

Connection / Turn on Charge (After Hours)                          $60.00

Field Collection Charge                                                                $40.00

Field Collection Charge (After Hours)                                     $60.00

Late Payment Charge                                                                       10%

Meter Relocation Charge                                                    Actual Cost

Meter Re-Read Charge                                                                 $40.00

Meter Re-Read Charge (After Hours)                                      $60.00

Meter Test Charge                                                                         $41.00

Disconnection Charge                                                                  $40.00

Re-Connection Charge                                                                $40.00

Re-Connection Charge (After Hours)                                     $60.00

Returned Check Charge / Bank Draft                                      $30.00

Service Call/Investigation                                                          $40.00

Service Call/Investigation (After Hours)                               $60.00


Broken Lock Fee: Will be assessed when a customer breaks the lock off of a meter that has been locked by the utility. The customer shall pay, in addition to this charge, the cost of any damage to the utility’s property caused by the customer in the process of cutting the lock.

Connection Turn-on Charge: Will be assessed for new service turn-on, seasonal turn-on, temporary service, or transfer of service. The charge will not be made for initial installation of service where a meter connection tap-on charge is applicable.

Field Collection Charge: Will be assessed when a utility representative visits the premises of the service connection to terminate service, and the customer is on-site and pays the bill to avoid termination of service. This fee may only be charged once per billing period.

Late Pavment Charge: Will be assessed on the delinquent amount of the bill, less taxes. 

Meter Relocation Charge: Will be assessed when a customer or other authorized person requests that a meter be relocated, changed, or modified. Those requesting a change must reimburse the utility for the actual costs incurred, including but not limited to appropriate legal, administrative, engineering, overhead, or other related costs.

Meter Re-read Charge: Will be assessed when a customer requests the utility to re- read the customer’s meter and the re-read proves that the original meter reading was correct.

Meter Test Charge: If a customer requests a meter to be tested and it is found to be in proper working order, the customer is required to pay for the meter test.

 Disconnection Charge: Will be assessed to disconnect service that has been terminated for non-payment of service or for violation of utility or Public Service Commission rules and regulations.

Reconnection Charge: Will be assessed to reconnect service that has been terminated for non-payment of service or for violation of Utility or Public Service Commission rules and regulations.

Returned Check Charge: Will be assessed when a customer’s check is returned, either due to insufficient funds or other reason due to customer fault.

Service Call/Investigation Charge: Will be assessed when a customer requests the onsite presence of utility personnel to investigate a service problem and the problem is a result of the customer’s own plumbing facilities, beyond the utility’s delivery point, or not caused by failure of utility facilities. Any maintenance and repair of facilities beyond the utility’s delivery point is the responsibility of the customer.

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